Townscaper Dataviz
(Downloader version)

Do you have a copy of Townscaper?

Input a simple data set, and this tool turns into a bar-chart made of towns in Townscaper.

  • type in some data here. Or ...
  • ... paste in a column of data from a spreadsheet! Only one column.
  • you can paste as many rows as you'd like, but I haven't tried it with more than 100 rows. Too big and you'll strain Townscaper, so YMMV
  • hit "Make a town!" ...
  • ... and it'll prompt you to download the file.
  • When you save it, give it the file-ending ".scape"
  • You'll need to open the file in a code editor and set it to "XML". Keep the .scape file ending though
  • Put it in your Townscaper "save" folder. (Where's that?)
  • Warning: This tool generates a random name for each folder. It's vanishingly unlikely it'll be the same as one of your existing saves. But in the off-chance it dupes an existing town filename, be careful when putting it in your save folder! You don't want to overwrite or delete any existing towns!
  • Want to see how this tool works? The (super crufty) code is here on Glitch. Remix it if you want, or improve it!
  • Also: I made a simpler version of this tool that only works with 10 data items -- but it shows you your town on the web, instantly. Give a whirl too if you want